>> WANTED <<

The Vitruvian Armory is interested in buying or trading for any HACKS parts, specific wants are below: spartan@vitruvianarmory.com


Evil Skeleton helmet and sword  (will take entire figure or weapons set)

Black Knight leg armor, gauntlets, thigh armor

Red or Blue tufts from Asperity / Accord Tack Kits

Myrmidon Warrior Shields and Helmets

Bident from Mystery Box 2

2021 Subscription Exclusive heads and parts

Olympis Blue Accessory Kit (complete or parts)

Eurayle parts

Test Shots / Unreleased parts

Animal Warriors of the Kingdom figures and accessories


Any parts or entire figure

Medusa V1


Myrmidon Warrior

Athenian Warrior

Underworld Warrior

Amazon Warrior v1 

Disciple of Eurayle

Elite Amazon

Tartarus Guard

Spartan V1 or V2

Ultimate Spartan

Leonidas V1





Knight of Asperity

Blue/Red Gazoge

Black Racer Gorgon

Castle Guard

Amazon Archer head

Felonius head with attached hair (green robe version)

Knight of Accord gauntlets, thigh armor, leg armor, shoulder armor

Vandar bald head, hair, pants

Vehemous - both heads


Accessory Packs

Weapons & armor from the Series 1 accessory pack (or boxed complete)

Colors wanted:
Blood Red
Fire Red
Ghost Light
Olympis Blue

Black Knight set or parts


Blank Colors (parts or whole figures):

Male & Female Sunny Wheat
Male Sky Blue
Male & Female Walnut 
Male & Female Tree Bark
Male Red
Male Chrome
Male & Female Champagne Beige
Male Pale peach

Mini Kits
Black Vampire
Black or white Anubis