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>> WANTED <<

The Vitruvian Armory is interested in buying or trading for any HACKS parts, specific wants are below:

Myrmidon Armor leg, chest, helmet, shield
Athenian Armor leg, chest, plumed helmet, shield
Underworld Warrior helmets, shields, chest & leg armor
Amazon Warrior v1 armor – helmet, skirt, shield, leg
Disciple of Eurayle 5 heads, Any accessories or parts
Elite Amazon - skirt, helmet, head
Tartarus Guard skirt, helmet, leg armor
Spartan armor chest, helmet, leg
Ultimate Spartan armor – chest, helmet, leg
Leonidas chest armor, helmet, leg armor, head
Stonefist  shield, leg armor, head, helmet, stone arm
Achilles heads (both), any parts 
Myrmex Warrior – helmets
Talos body, any parts
Eurayle – blue snake wraps, any parts
Knight of Asperity any parts
Blue/Red Gazoge - complete or parts


Tartarus guard - complete or incomplete or parts
Myrmidon Warrior - complete or incomplete or parts
Black Racer Gorgon
Athenian Warriors
Castle Guards
Medusa V1
Cursed Spartan (Stone Warrior)


Accessory Packs

Weapons & armor from the Series 1 accessory pack (or boxed complete)

Colors wanted:
Blood Red
Fire Red
Ghost Light
Olympus Blue



Blank Colors (parts or whole figures):

Male & Female Sunny Wheat
Male Sky Blue
Male & Female Walnut 
Male & Female Tree Bark
Male Red