Intro: Dime Novel Legends

Dime Novel Legends

Body Construction & Comparison to HACKS


  • Heads are in scale with HACKS heads and skin tones match Pale Peach, Coffee, Champagne Beige, and Sandstone BFS colors.

  • The cavity in the head is slightly larger than HACKS neck balls so needs a tiny bit of sticky tack or hot glue to fill the extra space.

  • There are 3 heads that seem to fit the neck balls although it may vary: Cavalry Officer Sunglasses Head, Blonde Colonel Head, Mr. Peach Head



  • Legends come with one set of hands each and all are trigger hands.

  • All are flesh hands except one set of gloved hands that come with the Cavalry Officer.

  • The stem is longer than HACKS and has a larger tip at the end.

  • The stem is actually a hair smaller than HACKS so trimming off the tip completely will require something around the stem to hold into HACKS wrists. The best option may be to sand down the larger stem end until it will securely hold in the HACKS wrists.



  • There are 2 types of Legends boots – with spurs or without.

  • Boots fit well on HACKS.

  • Stems are similar to the Legends hands with a longer stem post and larger top. They will insert into a HACKS leg with heat but suggest filing the larger end down a tiny bit so that the ankle holes don't stretch out the HACKS ankle port.


  • There are 3 types of Legends legs: Plain paints, pants with boot tops and pants with chaps.

  • Legs are scaled to HACKS but have a different waist / torso connection.

  • Ankle Holes will accept HACKS feet and hold them securely.

  • Waist on Legends are concave instead of flat like HACKS so it is tough to match up a HACKS torso with a Legends waist.

  • Torso

  • There are 2 types of Legends torsos: with and without suspenders molded to the torso.

  • Torsos are scaled to HACKS but have a different waist / torso connection.

  • Torso front and back are screwed together and a cover is included to cover the screw hole.

  • Arm holes are slightly larger than HACKS stems but the arms do fit and will hold. However, for a more secure fit, HACKS arms will need an additional layer inside to fit snugly.

  • Torsos are rounded on the bottom unlike HACKS which are flat.

  • Legends also have bibs that can be placed over the plain shirts. Some bibs are glued to the shirts so they are included with them. A loose bib also comes in an accessory pack.


  • There are several different Legend arm types: shirt arms, coat arms and cuffed arms.

  • Legends arms are removable by disassembling the screwed torso.

  • Arms have a flat disc at the end of the stem to hold them in the torso.

  • Arm stems are slightly smaller than HACKS but will hold in a HACKS torso if the end disc is trimmed off.

  • Best option is to sand down the disc until it it just a hair larger than the rest of the stem. The additional size as well as added stem length added makes the arms hold more securely in a HACKS torso.


    Dime Novel Legends Accessories


  • If a Hacks head can wear a HACKS helmet, the Legends hats will fit.


  • There are 4 types of Legends belts : narrow plain belt, narrow bullet belt, wide bullet belt, and a plain Cavalry Officer belt with a US buckle. The wide belt is too wide for holsters.

  • Belts will fit most HACKS well. Will be tighter but doable on larger waists like Dr. Alex and Christmas Zombie.

  • The clasp system is a little tricky but look great once connected. We will likely discuss more about the best way to connect and disconnect the belts in a follow-up post.

    Jackets & Vests

  • Legends Jackets and Vests will fit most HACKS well.

  • Closed vests and jackets won't close on armored or male elf torso. They do work well on bare chests, Zorro Torso, Jean Brothers Torso, Flash torso.

    Collars & Bandannas

  • Collars and Bandannas will fit most HACKS well (Except male armored torsos)

    Holsters & Sheaths

  • There are 2 types of knife sheaths: All are the same except the Cavalry Officer

  • Knife sheaths will fit all 3 size belts

  • Gun Holsters will not fit the wide belts

  • There are 2 types of holsters: drop holsters and crossdraw holsters. Each type comes in Left and Right options


  • There are 2 types of knives. All are the same design except the Cavalry Officer knife.


  • There are 4 Types of pistols: Hogleg, Peacemaker, Outlaw, and Colt 1851 Navy

  • They work well with Dime Novel trigger hands, but separating a HACKS trigger finger and placing it through the trigger guard also works.


  • There are 3 types of rifles: Street Howitzer, Carbine, & Saddle Rifles.

  • Staff Favorite:Brass Street Howitzer

    Other accessories

  • Barrels & Buckets

  • Axes & Crowbar

  • Gold & Potatoes

  • Silver & Badges

  • Pans & Stand

  • Bottles & Beer Mugs

  • Saddlebags & a Cane

  • Gloves & a Pouch